How can I stop my dog begging food at the dinner table?

The best way to stop begging at the table is to never let it start. Curb the habit immediately by never giving your dog handouts or treats from the dinner table.

Remember, your dog is learning his responses from the signals you give. If he begs for a bite from your plate and you give it to him, you have rewarded his begging behavior.

Besides being a nuisance, begging for Pet food can be dangerous for your dog. Human food isn’t always appropriate for canine consumption and could harm your dog’s heath.

It’s undeniable that the smell of your food will cause your dog to feel hungry. Feed him a meal just before you sit down to eat, or give him a chewing toy—the type that can be stuffed with food or dog treats—to keep him occupied. It may also be necessary to safely enclose your dog somewhere else in the house before you and your family sit down at the dining table. Taking him for a brisk walk or offering some other form of exercise beforehand will help him to relax and rest while you enjoy your meal.